Wet Rooms

bathroom en suite

Over the years, wet rooms have become a crowd favourite for most commercial and residential owners in York, UK. Fitting and building a wet room are best left to the hands of the experts. Included in the components of the project are plumbing and electrical works, and they cannot be simply carried out by an ordinary person. With the many options, you can now achieve your dream wet room.


The Features You Get From Wet Rooms:

  • More safety features than standard bathrooms
  • Sealed areas using waterproofing, offering more measures in preventing leaks.
  • Offers more benefits to persons who have limited mobility.
  • No fuss in cleaning and maintaining it
  • Easily works with a heating system

Here are some points you should consider, before going all out on the project:

  • Waterproofing – amongst other components of a wet room, this is the most important one. It secures all the areas from moisture and leaks that can contribute to damages which, in turn, can cause accidents. You must hire a professional to do this job.
  • Layout – our company suggests that the drain must be spaced away from the bathroom door to prevent the water from leaving the room. Outsourcing a bathroom fitter can help you with the layout of the project.
  • Materials – since the wet room remains damp or wet most of the time, it is best that your materials are non-porous to avoid spending too much on repair and maintenance costs. Our experts can help you select materials with the right kind of resistance features for your wet room.

Having a wet room installed in your home can greatly benefit you and your family when it comes to safety, comfort, and convenience. Equally important, however, is the fact that you must always choose quality materials above anything else. This is to ensure that your money and effort won’t be thrown out of the window, and CK Bathroom Fitters York is definitely the name you can trust.


 We Turn Your Dream into Reality

CK Bathroom Fitters York has a team of professional fitters specialising in wet room installations. They can design, supply, and install wet rooms regardless of how big or small it is.

However, if you already have a design and hired a different team of fitters, our company can still supply you with all the materials and supplies you need. Worry not, because all of our supplies come from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our materials come from Impey, and they are the best of the bests in the market.

To find out more about our unparalleled services, give our friendly experts a call.