En Suite

bathroom design

Does it bother you that you have to wait in line outside the bathroom just to take a shower or to prepare for work? The best answer to this is having your own en suite bathroom. With it, you can have more time for yourself and for the things you love to do. Convenience, safety and style are just some of the things an “in the room” bathroom promises. Moreover, you can install additions to it such as your very own powder room.

For years in the industry, we have consistently stayed on top of our game in York. This is made possible by our comprehensive services that are made to address your needs and requirements, and by our team of professionals who always does the job excellently. It doesn’t matter if you already have a bathroom fitter hired, because we can still supply your project needs.


Here are some things to remember before planning your project:

  • Free Up and Maximise Space – worry not if your bathroom space is not that big. Our professionals can always plan your layout to maximise and free up some floor space. Our company offers great and cost-effective options to better maximise your area. With our cutting edge tools and excellent services, nothing is impossible.
  • The Best Lighting and Sound – we can take your bathroom experience to a whole new level by installing the best lights and some cool speakers. With the right selection of lights, combined with the best accessories to complement them, you might just have the best bathroom ever created.
  • High-Quality Materials and Supplies – having a specific colour or theme for your bathroom might be a little tricky to pull off without proper guidance. With us, we can help always match the paint colour of your bathroom with the most appropriate cabinets, tiles and accessories. We’ve got materials and supplies that will help you achieve that dream en suite bathroom of yours.