bathroom caulking

There will come a time that your bathroom will need a proper face lift or makeover. If there are damages or defective parts of your bathroom, then it is time that you address them. Whether you need to upgrade the look of your bathroom or give it some important fixes, hiring the best of the bests is important. Luckily, you have come to the right place. CK Bathroom Fitters York can do everything for you, and nothing is impossible with us — from the most simple to the grandest bathroom.

It can be tricky to choose the right set of materials and fixtures needed for your project, but our experts can help you with that part. Our company offers a wide-range of services such as designing, supplying, and installing in residential and commercial clients in York, UK, and nearby locations.

Plus, we can accommodate all bathroom reno needs in all forms— from the standard bathroom to wet rooms, powder room, residential bathrooms, en suite bathrooms, modern bathrooms, classic bathrooms, bespoke bathrooms, and so much more.


Quality Bathrooms in York

In planning your project layout, our professional designers are always up for the challenge no matter how big it is. You are guaranteed that all your requirements and preferences are checked off the list and included in the plan.
To experience the best bathroom remodelling, we guarantee the following:

  • Excellent Materials
    When it comes to the materials, our company has everything in store for your project, be it paint, cement, grout, tiles or anything you can name. Standard bathrooms make us of different types of materials and accessories to really spruce up its overall look. In all of the materials you need, the tiles serve as the most integral one for they bring out the overall look of the interior. For your tile needs, we have the following:
  • Marble Floor Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Vinyl Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Stone Tiles – marble, granite, limestone
  • Wood Tiles
  • Linoleum Floor Tiles
  • Glass Floor Tiles
  • Cork Tiles
  • Metal Floor Tiles
  • Quality Colours
    Colours can give the greatest impact to the interior. If you want to make your area seem bigger, then choose neutral and light tones. These colours can also set you in a relaxed mood. Bold and contrasting colours can also serve well in complementing the other components of your bathroom. So, don’t be afraid to try and combine different colours. Your imagination and creativity are your only limits.
  • Top-Grade Furniture and Accessories
    There are more practical options for storage and accessories. Space-saving cabinets and shelves are in trend now, because they will allow you to free up space and make use of it for other important fixtures such as the shower or a bathtub. Moreover, wide windows can give your bathroom more natural light during the day.

For all your design, supply, and installation needs, trust only CK Bathroom Fitters York and you can get a free consultation if you call today.